Purchase a Home

Purchase a Home

Congratulations! If you are thinking about purchasing your first home or the home of your dreams, you have begun a very exciting journey! Home Ownership is a big part of the American Dream, and is one of the biggest financial decisions and investments most people will ever make.

Our licensed and knowledgeable Mortgage Loan Originators are here to help inform and educate you throughout the process. They will take the time to understand and assess your current financial situation, as well as your long-term financial goals. Together with your Mortgage Loan Originator, you will select the home loan program that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with our service and your mortgage solution.

Get Pre-qualified

A pre-qualification is a preliminary determination on whether the prospective loan applicant would likely qualify for credit under an institution’s standards and the amount of credit for which the prospective applicant would likely qualify. A limited amount of information will be needed. The pre-qualification is not a commitment to lend.


Formal application for a mortgage. To apply, you must submit the names, social security numbers, and the monthly income of all applicants, the subject property address, and the estimated value of the property being purchased. During the application process, the amount of the loan and the down payment are determined by you. During this process, we will determine if you are eligible for the loan you seek based on all of the information provided.