Peter O’Donnell

Peter O’Donnell

Division Senior Vice President | NMLS# 476432

With Peter and Main Street Home Loans, you can be confident that your transaction will start with getting to know your financial situation to determine the loan that best meets your current and future needs.

Main Street Home Loans is dedicated to streamlining the loan process in order to shorten the time from loan application to closing without sacrificing service or quality.

Whether you are purchasing or refinancing your home, Peter O’Donnell is here to help with all your home mortgage financing needs!

Home Buying Made Easy

National lender. Local loan originators.

Apply online

Our focus on technology bridges the gap between online and in-touch. Complete all loan application steps electronically from your preferred location, compliantly and securely.

Get approved

Our innovative technology simplifies document collection and eliminates paper processing. The Underwriter grants approval, a clear-to-close is processed and the settlement date can be scheduled.

Close your loan

Review the final loan document. Ask questions. Sign most of the documents electronically. Enjoy your new home!

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Joy Mukherjee LendAid June, 2024
It was a pleasure working with Pete and his team. Seamless experience. Proactive communication and coordination across all parties needed
Aaron A LendAid May, 2024
Great experience! Peter and the team always kept us informed during the process. We always knew what the next task was and when we reached the next milestone.
Aramis G LendAid May, 2024
Pete and his team was above and beyond all expectations when looking for a Lender. They’re professional and keep their clients updated throughout the entire process.
Jaimie T LendAid February, 2024
Pete is the most knowledgeable mortgage guru around. He’s very detail oriented and on top of everything at all times. He is highly skilled and anticipates any hurdles and overcomes them before it even becomes an issue. We HIGHLY recommend him and wouldn’t do a purchase without him. We were willing to forgo builder financing incentive to use Pete because we are THAT trusting and confident in his abilities.
Kelly H. LendAid November, 2023
Pete and his team were fantastic as I navigated this challenging process. They went above and beyond on my behalf to get to closing. I am certain it not have been this seamless with anyone else. I can highly recommend Pete O’Donnell and his amazing team!
Kenneth G LendAid October, 2023
My client was listening to friends telling him of the horror stories' of the loan process. I explained that Pete was an experiences professional loan officer and he should have a smooth experience. When there were not major issues he was pleasantly surprised at closing.
Peter O’Donnell

Peter O’Donnell

Division Senior Vice President

NMLS# 476432 | 410-299-2043
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