Buying a Home

If you are thinking about purchasing your first home, your next home, or an investment property, Main Street Home Loans can help you find the right home financing solution. Buying a home should be simple. That’s why we work closely with each of our customers to ensure you understand all your options and obtain competitive rates. Throughout the loan process we focus on customer service by providing constant communication so you feel confident about your loan every step of the way.

Get Pre-qualified

A pre-qualification* is a preliminary determination on whether the loan applicant would likely qualify for credit under an institution’s lending standards, and the amount of credit for which the prospective applicant would likely qualify. In order to get you pre-qualified, your Loan Originator will ask you to provide some information about your income and debt. The pre-qualification is just the first step to determining how much you can borrow, it is not a loan commitment.

*Please note that the pre-qualification does not constitute a commitment or a loan approval, but is instead a preliminary assessment of your current credit worthiness.


Once you find a home you want to buy, a loan application is the next step. To apply, you must submit the subject property address, the names, social security numbers, and the monthly income of all applicants, and the estimated value of the property being purchased. During the application process, the amount of the loan and the down payment are determined by you. During this process, we will evaluate all of the information you provided and determine if you are eligible for the loan you seek.