The Main Street Family of Lenders is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We believe that drawing on our differences allows us to create a powerful and innovative workforce to best serve our customers.

We are committed to continuing to broaden our culture of inclusion, while positively impacting the communities we serve with great service and educational programs.

Main Street Home Loans has a DEI committee, comprised of executive leaders and employees. Our diverse workforce and DEI initiatives focus on tangible actions and programs by focusing on Community, Consumer and Company.  The DEI committee goals are to create innovative and effective programs that recruit, attract, develop, engage, advance, and retain employees from a variety of backgrounds, including diversity of: race, ethnicity, gender, culture, language, age, gender, and sexual orientation.”


With locations across the nation, we proudly serve a diverse customer base with products that provide solutions for a wide range of home loan financing needs and credit profiles. Through the Main Street C.A.R.E.S. program, NFM supports causes that have the greatest positive impact on the communities that the company serves. Main Street Home Loan’s charitable endeavors are geared towards helping United States troops and Veterans, children and families in need, and animal welfare and protection.